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Ensuring you remain data compliant, build trust and embed data ethics throughout your organisation

Data Protection Compliance

Breach data protection regulations and you face serious damage to your reputation and a potential heavy penalty. Work with CaPS Privacy to protect your business and our skilled team will help you implement systems and processes to remain compliant.

Be a Force for Good

Do you need a rule to ensure you do the right thing? We thought not. As a responsible organisation, you know that investing in data protection is simply the right thing to do. Talk to us today if you want to shape a culture of integrity.

Boost Trust, Your Reputation, and Profits

Investment in data protection makes perfect business sense. In this data-driven world, it helps you to build trust with customers and key stakeholders that helps you enhance your brand, reputation and bottom line.

GDPR Gap Analysis

Identify and address compliance gaps to ensure secure and lawful data handling. Perfect for organisations starting their compliance journey or wanting to improve.

Data Protection Officer

A DPO serves as the point of contact for data protection authorities, ensuring effective communication and cooperation with the relevant authorities.

Real World Experience

Our GDPR consultancy service provides ongoing, monthly access to our team of GDPR consultants that can give you advice on any compliance matter.

If you want a level-headed, sensible approach to data protection in your organisation, talk to one of our highly experienced CaPS Privacy team today.

Stay the right side of EU & UK data protection law

We all have a fundamental right to privacy, and this includes being able to control our own identity and our interactions with others. This is why, in the UK and the EU, protection of our right to privacy has been established in law.

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in the UK and EU carries heavy penalties of up to £17.5 million, or even bigger for larger companies for breaches of its requirements.

So yes, how you protect people’s data is not only critical to your brand and reputation - it can save you a lot of money. We take a proportionate approach to data protection risk that is sharply focused on ensuring you invest efficiently in the right and appropriate levels of controls.

Be ethical in your use of data

Good organisations want to do the right thing, and this is no different when it comes to data use. Talk to the CaPS Privacy team about meeting the highest standards of data protection.

We’ll help you go beyond regulatory compliance to focus on how data ethics supports your brand and builds confidence with not only your clients, but those organisations you want to work with too.

CaPS Privacy will show your team how to live and breathe the principles that like at the heart of UK GDPR.
The CaPS Privacy team will empower your organisation to shape a culture of integrity, in which the responsible use of people’s information is just part of your DNA.

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