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Your Trusted Partner in Data Protection, Anti-Money Laundering and Public Safety

Compliance is about demonstrating transparency, which is vital in creating and maintaining trust between your organisation and your customers.

Anti-Money Laundering

In high-risk, heavily regulated areas like anti-money laundering (AML), compliance hinges on robust systems and meticulous processes, including thorough due diligence for new contracts. Whether you're an accountancy service provider or a supervisory body, you can trust our highly experienced team for AML regulatory compliance to guide you confidently.

Data Protection

Compliance to Data regulations is just the starting point. Our mission goes beyond mere compliance to empower your business to excel through ethical data usage. We provide valuable insights on cultivating a company culture where everyone embraces shared values regarding data use, ensuring that you not only meet regulatory requirements but also elevating your brand and customer trust.

Public Safety

Identifying, analysing, and addressing public and security risks are essential for venues and businesses. Our expertise encompasses comprehensive risk assessments, crowd management, emergency response, training, and compliance solutions. Let us be your safeguard, ensuring smooth operations, a sterling reputation, and regulatory compliance, all while providing a secure environment for all.

Our Approach

To support you, address your concerns, and guide you through compliance and risk management with a personal touch

We believe in a holistic approach centred on demonstrating transparency. Our commitment ensures that your business not only meets its regulatory obligations but also fosters strong, enduring relationships with the individuals and entities it serves.

Tailored Solutions

We go the extra mile by crafting personalised solutions for each client, steering clear of one-size-fits-all approaches

Ethical Data

Our dedication to responsible data handling not only ensures compliance but also positions you as a distinguished player in your industry.

Holistic Approach

We eradicate concerns related to reputational damage, loss of business, and financial penalties arising from non-compliance.

Real-World Experience

Leveraging real-world experience in security, risk management, military, and policing, we offer practical insights and solutions for your challenges.

Your Challenge

To Protect Your Data and Customer Information

Regulatory Changes

Keeping up with the ever changing landscape of data protection and privacy regulations can be a daunting challenge for businesses.

Data Security

Protecting sensitive data from breaches and leaks is a challenge as cyber threats become increasingly sophisticated.

Data Management

Effectively managing and organising vast amounts of data while ensuring its accuracy, relevance, and accessibility can be a complex task.

Compliance Audits

Preparing for and undergoing compliance audits is a time-consuming and resource-intensive challenge for many businesses.

Our Solutions

Take the hassle out of achieving and maintaining compliance with our range of services.

Complete clarity on your GDPR requirements

We conduct a gap analysis to determine your requirements – and then provide practical support, tailored to your organisation, to close the gaps.

Calmly handle your data breaches and requests

We’ll help you manage breaches without the drama, prevent recurrences and handle requests from individuals for the information you have about them on file.

AML inspections that make the grade

Whether you’re a supervisory body conducting it, or a company preparing for one, we’ll make sure you’re ready for your anti-money laundering inspections or audit.

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AML inspections completed

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