CaPS eLearning Platform - GDPR Awareness Training

Our GDPR awareness training is designed to provide you with an overview of the General Data Protection Regulation. This will help you understand the basic principles of GDPR, the different rights people have and to support you in identifying some risks in relation to unauthorised access to personal data.

Our Online GDPR Awareness Training course has been fully accredited by the CPD UK Certification Service

Delivered online, our GDPR training course is flexible and can be taken at your own pace when convenient.

Our GDPR  Awareness course has been written in a way to avoid legalese and jargon. It presents scenarios in a way that users can identify with.

GDPR Awareness Course – Modules

The GDPR Awareness course has 7 modules, each one with a check test and there is a final knowledge quiz to undertake to complete the course.

  1. About This Course
  2. Introduction to GDPR
  3. GDPR Roles
  4. GDPR Principles
  5. Subject Rights
  6. GDPR Breaches
  7. GDPR Good Security Practices
  8. Staff Awareness Training Final Knowledge Test

The GDPR Awareness course final Knowledge Test provides a check to ensure that you have understood the course content and can apply it. There is a pass mark requirement of 80%

Upon passing the final exam a certificate will be available to download.

"This subject can be quite complex but I found this course to be pitched at the right level for non experts. Definitely learnt a few things and enjoyed the quizes​."

GDPR Awareness Training Attendee