All-in-One AML Compliance

Ensuring your business can protect itself with watertight AML processes.

Take a risk-based approach

No single level of AML risk applies to all. We have an intrinsic understanding of how to assess the degrees of risk that different organisations are exposed to, and then how to tailor strategies that deliver the right and appropriate levels of risk management.

Perfect your due diligence

By conducting due diligence, your organisation can better understand its customers and their activities, and identify the red flags that indicate that they’re trying to use you to launder money or finance terrorism.

Build trust with your customers

Investing in anti-money laundering generates significant returns for the regulated organisation. Whether you’re an accountancy firm, a bookkeeper or an estate agency, an investment in CaPS Compliance can do more than keep you compliant - it will help boost your brand, reputation and bottom line.

AML Policy Statements

Effective Anti-Money Laundering Policy Statements are the backbone of a robust Anti-Money Laundering program.

Enhanced Due Diligence

Elevate your risk assessment process with comprehensive scrutiny. Discover how this service fortifies your AML compliance efforts

AML Staff Training

Empower your team with knowledge and expertise. Learn how our training services enhance compliance and fortify your defense

Comply with legislation to keep the money launderers at bay

The Money Laundering and Terrorist Funding Regulations of 2017 and 2022 require regulated companies to make sure they have proper processes in place to minimise the risks of being inadvertently involved in money laundering activity.

As gatekeepers to the financial system in the UK, finance firms such as banks, accountancy practices, bookkeepers and money lenders must uphold this legislation and play their part in preventing and reporting any suspected illegal money laundering pursuits. The same responsibility falls upon other regulated businesses, such as estate and lettings agencies, trust and company service providers, independent legal professionals and more.

Compliance will protect you from a legal perspective, and help ensure your company is not exploited by criminals to wash their dirty money. 

AML-regulated industry

If you're AML-regulated, CaPS Compliance will make sure you comply to the latest standards

In the UK, the following types of organisations fall under anti-money laundering legislation:

  • Financial and credit businesses, such as banks, building societies, credit unions and investment firms
  • High value dealers (HVDs), such as art dealers, precious metals dealers, and gambling companies, who handle large cash payments in exchange for goods
  • Independent legal professionals
  • Accountants, tax advisers, auditors and insolvency practitioners
  • Trust and company service providers
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Casinos

CaPS Compliance can support your registration with the appropriate professional AML supervisory body (PBS) for your sector, and then design a bespoke, risk-based system for AML that integrates seamlessly with your organisation’s existing policies and procedures.

CaPS Compliance AML services will protect your organisation​

The UK has introduced a raft of AML initiatives to combat a problem that costs our economy more than £1 billion a year, but organisations like yours are on the front line.

You must take control of your own management of AML risk – and the CaPS Compliance suite of services will give you the tools to completely nail it.

Our tried, tested and trusted services include:

  1. AML Policy Statements
  2. AML Risk Assessments
  3. Enhance Due Diligence
  4. AML Training
  5. Staff Guidelines
  6. AML Reporting

If you want a risk-based approach to AML, designed by experts with decades of experience in law enforcement and intelligence agencies, then talk to our uniquely qualified CaPS Compliance team today.

Professional Body Supervisors (PBSs)

Professional Body Supervisors (PBSs) are licensed to supervise accountancy service providers and other regulated organisations for AML compliance. If your organisation is a PBS, you will know that you are required by law to conduct monitoring and audits to ensure these firms comply. Fail to do it properly and you risk losing your licence to supervise.

Our trusted CaPS Compliance team can either support your PBS through a completely outsourced service for AML compliance inspections, or give you the knowledge and skills you need to make the grade.

If you’re an organisation in an AML-regulated industry, contact us today to find out how we can help you.​

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