Compliance and Privacy Solutions Ltd.

Compliance and Privacy Solutions Ltd. is a consultancy company offering a range of professional services and solutions to clients. We have three main offerings; firstly we are data protection specialists providing pragmatic and  proportionate solutions to the SME community across all sectors. Secondly, we provide expert audit and inspection and consulting in the field of Anti Money Laundering for Professional Bodies and Supervisory Authorities. Thirdly, we provide training, both online and face to face.

Data Protection

We have a wealth of experience obtained in long careers in UK policing, management consulting in the police, justice and secure government sectors and, security management both in the UK and internationally. As data privacy consultants, we operate in the private and public sectors, supporting organisations to become and stay compliant with the GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018 (UK GDPR).

What is GDPR compliance? Don’t be fooled, it’s not a certification or accreditation because that simply doesn’t exist. It is all about delivering against the requirements of the 6 GDPR Principles, being able to uphold the 8 data subject rights and then demonstrate your accountability to doing this.

In order to help you understand more about what is required of your organisation, we provide a diagnostic, risk-rated assessment of your organisation’s current data processing activities against the GDPR requirements, accompanied by recommendations for remedial action as required.

Clients are free to undertake their own remedial actions based on our assessment or engage in a longer-term partnership with us. Entering into a programme of compliance activities with CaPS provides for a more measured, risk assessed and sustainable approach to be taken. This also suits organisations who see outsourcing the function of a Data Protection Officer as a cost-effective and flexible way forward.

Damage to an organisation’s reputation from committing a breach or being found to be non-compliant with the law can be substantial. Compliance and Privacy Solutions Ltd. will help protect your organisation from the variety of risks associated with non-compliance with data protection laws, letting you stay focused on your business. By choosing us, you will access expertise that is assuring along with advice and service that is pragmatic & proportionate. We will demystify Data Protection jargon and other complexities and we will be highly collaborative, transferring knowledge to your organisation, as well as using transparent methods. Our support packages are configurable and cost effective.