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Be confident in your compliance with these stringent new regulations. Let us give you peace of mind that you’re doing all the right things to avoid costly penalties.

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Improve your brand and reputation by being assured managers of security risks. Work with us on designing and implementing a security risk management system that wins you confidence among customers, your team and other key stakeholders.

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Effective, proportionate risk management gives you clarity. With a clear understanding of your business or venue’s risk profile and the people you come into contact with, you can make important security decisions with confidence. We’ll show you how.

Risk Assessments

Gain a detailed understanding of your event or venue’s potential terrorism risks regularly updated for evolving threats.

Public Security

We can work with you to develop and execute a resilient strategy aligned with the standards outlined in The Protect Duty.

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Communicate with confidence to your team and stakeholders the risks and how you’ll manage them

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CaPS Secure is committed to ensuring your venue or event is fully prepared to navigate the complexities of safety and security. Our highly skilled team brings extensive operational experience from backgrounds in law enforcement and security agencies, making us uniquely qualified to assist you. We recognise that each venue and event is distinct, and this understanding guides our approach.

A critical aspect of our services involves conducting comprehensive risk assessments tailored to your specific venue. These assessments help you understand and mitigate potential threats, ensuring the safety of all attendees

Have you heard about the upcoming Martyn’s Law?

In 2022, the Government announced details for the Martyn’s Law (Protect Duty) Bill. This was in tribute to Martyn Hett, one of 22 people killed in the Manchester Arena terrorist attack in 2017.

Martyn’s Law, or the Terrorism (Protection of Premises Bill) is pending and when it receives Royal assent in 2024, it is intended to keep people safe by requiring owners and managers of public venues to meet stringent standards for managing terror attack risks. Venues, including some events, must consider the threats and then implement appropriate, proportionate measures to mitigate them.

With Martyn’s Law set to be introduced in 2024, it’s crucial for venue managers and owners to start planning and discussing compliance now. CaPS Secure is here to help you prepare and stay compliant when Martyn’s Law comes into force. Don’t wait – get in touch now for a discussion and start future-proofing today!

  • Since 2017, there have been 14 domestic terror attacks in the UK, and agencies and law enforcement have disrupted 39 late-stage plots.
  • Since 2005, there have been at least two attacks against places of worship, with an additional attack conducted directly outside a place of worship (Finsbury Park Mosque).
  • Research institute RAND Europe assessed the indirect cost of terrorism in the UK from the five attacks in 2017 to be £3.4 billion (2020-21 prices).
  • Independent research conducted in 2019 showed that, without legal compulsion, counter terrorism security efforts are often deprioritised behind other legally required activities (e.g. fire safety). Resulting in inconsistent consideration and application of security processes and measures.
  • 70 per cent of respondents to the public consultation in 2021 agreed that those responsible for publicly accessible locations should take appropriate and proportionate measures to protect the public from attacks and should prepare their staff to respond appropriately in the event of a terrorist attack.

Does Martyn’s Law apply to you?

The government have indicated that publicly accessible locations with a capacity of more than one hundred people will need to undertake simple yet effective activities to improve protective security and preparedness. 

If your business is one of the sectors listed below, you are likely to have to comply with Martyn’s Law. 

– entertainment and leisure
– retail, food and drink
– museums and galleries
– sports grounds
– public areas of local and central government buildings (e.g. town halls)
– visitor attractions
– temporary events, such as concerts
– places of worship
– hospitals and schools

CaPS Secure can assist you in assessing your eligibility, finding your tier and taking the necessary actions to comply in a proportionate way.

Requirements will vary based on venue capacity:

  • Venues with a capacity ranging from 100 to 799 individuals must adhere to the ‘Standard Tier‘ guidelines. These venues are mandated to complete an Emergency Action Plan template provided by the Home Office and implement measures that are appropriate and proportionate to the assessment’s findings.

  • For venues accommodating over 800 individuals, the ‘Enhanced Tier‘ regulations come into effect. Such venues will be obligated to conduct comprehensive risk assessments, establish thorough security protocols, and provide extensive staff training. The specific and proportionate responses required will be stipulated in the governing legislation.

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