Data Privacy - An Industry Perspective - 2019

The Data and Marketing association conduct an annual study into the attitudes towards data privacy, with a particular focus on the effects of GDPR and what the future looks like for marketing professionals. Below we have provided a link for you to look at the 2019 industry perspective report for 2019.

This is the 7th report DMA have conducted, this is only the 2nd year where the full effect of GDPR can be considered. The report outlines what steps businesses have taken to ensure compliance with the new laws. For the most part, businesses have adopted the new laws and recognise the benefits to their customers.

Compliance training was highlighted as one of the key areas driving operational success, the difference that the report shows is that there is a lack of recognising from marketing professionals on the importance of ongoing training for their team.

As we enter 2020 the focus on how we build new compliance relations with the EU and ensure an open, free-flowing relationship around data. One of the biggest risks to data-heavy business is the potential disruption to the current stability around data controls throughout the EU.

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