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Marketing is a cornerstone of a company’s growth strategy and the techniques and technical capability continue to develop at a pace, but I must admit, I am no expert, far from it. I am though a data protection consultant and I do understand the requirements of the legislation as it applies to marketing. I also […]

Not a bridge too far!

You might have been mistaken into thinking that the UK – EU trade talks were just about trade, well there were other issues at stake, like data protection; that’s right, data protection. Did you know that the value of personal data to the EU in 2020 is reported to have been worth €1 trillion? So, […]

Data Privacy – An Industry Perspective – 2019

The Data and Marketing association conduct an annual study into the attitudes towards data privacy, with a particular focus on the effects of GDPR and what the future looks like for marketing professionals. Below we have provided a link for you to look at the 2019 industry perspective report for 2019. This is the 7th […]