privacy statement production


Is your old privacy statement putting you at risk?

To comply with the first principle of GDPR (Lawfulness, Fairness and Transparency) as a data controller you must provide a privacy statement that details the data you process, how you collect it, when you collect it, what lawful purpose you have to collect it and so on. These privacy notices need to be detailed and explicit, whilst remaining concise, and easy to understand. The temptation to use templated privacy notices is great as they are cheap and offer a seemingly easy route to compliance. However, it’s not so, they are generic and are far from reaching the standard of transparency required by the law.

A GDPR privacy statement needs to be carefully considered and appropriate for your specific business and data management. At CaPS, we will build you a privacy notice that is appropriate to your organisation reflecting the reality of what you do. We will also establish what Cookies your website uses and incorporate a Cookie Policy within the privacy notice.

CaPS privacy notice service will provide your company with a privacy notice tailored to your organisation.