What is a ‘risk-based approach’ and how does it affect my business?

What is a ‘risk-based approach’ and how does it affect my business? Whether you operate as a sole trader or as part of a multinational corporation, all businesses covered by money laundering regulations are responsible for having correct and proportionate anti-money laundering (AML) procedures in place. Of course, the risks of money laundering posed by […]

Let’s Stay in Touch!

Marketing is a cornerstone of a company’s growth strategy and the techniques and technical capability continue to develop at a pace, but I must admit, I am no expert, far from it. I am though a data protection consultant and I do understand the requirements of the legislation as it applies to marketing. I also […]

Personal Data – Consenting Adults?

No matter how good your organisation is at treating its employees, involving them in decision making, creating a consultative environment and even supplying playrooms and free refreshments, the playing field is never level. That’s because, you pay them and they rely on you to keep them in employment and no matter what, that dependency creates [...]