Businesses can lead the way in tackling economic crime

economic crime

Money laundering and terrorist financing remain significant threats to the UK, its economy, stability, and the welfare of its citizens, as well as to people overseas, found a Government review last year. It’s a threat that continues to evolve, and while the UK has some of the strongest anti-money laundering (AML) controls in the world, […]

‘To Have or Have Not’

‘To Have or Have Not’ – The DPO Question Whilst many shy away from the legal, and sometimes scary, General Data Protection Regulation requirements, you really shouldn’t bury your head in the sand.A data protection officer (DPO) is a resource not to ignore; they can solve those woes on your behalf and help elevate your […]

Let’s Stay in Touch!

Marketing is a cornerstone of a company’s growth strategy and the techniques and technical capability continue to develop at a pace, but I must admit, I am no expert, far from it. I am though a data protection consultant and I do understand the requirements of the legislation as it applies to marketing. I also […]