Not a bridge too far!

You might have been mistaken into thinking that the UK – EU trade talks were just about trade, well there were other issues at stake, like data protection; that’s right, data protection. Did you know that the value of personal data to the EU in 2020 is reported to have been worth €1 trillion? So, […]

Data Privacy – An Industry Perspective – 2019

The Data and Marketing association conduct an annual study into the attitudes towards data privacy, with a particular focus on the effects of GDPR and what the future looks like for marketing professionals. Below we have provided a link for you to look at the 2019 industry perspective report for 2019. This is the 7th […]

Personal Data – Consenting Adults?

No matter how good your organisation is at treating its employees, involving them in decision making, creating a consultative environment and even supplying playrooms and free refreshments, the playing field is never level. That’s because, you pay them and they rely on you to keep them in employment and no matter what, that dependency creates [...]