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In an increasingly uncertain, complex and volatile world, regulatory compliance and ethical practices have become critical trust-builders for business and central to company strategy.

We specialise in ensuring organisations are equipped to provide assurances and demonstrate integrity in vital areas of risk. Our services are much more than a necessary cost – they’re an investment in your organisation’s sustainability, brand and reputation.

Anti-money Laundering

In high-risk, regulated areas such as anti-money laundering, you will only comply if you have strong systems and processes, including due diligence with new contracts. Whether you’re an accountancy service provider or a supervisory body, choose our highly experienced team for AML regulatory compliance you can rely on.

Data Protection

Regulatory compliance isn’t the limit of what you can achieve. Our mission is also to help your business go beyond compliance through the ethical use of people’s data. We’ll give you an understanding of how your company can shape a culture in which everyone shares the same values on data use.


We are able to provide training on data protection, GDPR and data breach management to individuals or groups, remotely or on site. Our online courses have been fully accredited by the CPD UK Certification Service and are an extremely flexible way to learn and up skill your team.



Complete clarity on your GDPR requirements

We conduct gap analysis to determine your requirements – and then provide practical support, tailored to your organisation, to close the gaps.

A data protection partner you can rely on

Our data protection officer service can be a much more cost effective solution than hiring an individual full time or making it part of a staff member’s role.

Calmly handle your data breaches and requests

We’ll help you manage breaches without the drama, prevent recurrences and handle requests from individuals for information you have about them on file.

AML inspections and audits that make the grade

Whether you’re a supervisory body conducting it, or a company preparing for one, we’ll make sure you’re ready for your anti-money laundering inspections or audit.

Client due diligence that protects your company

Client due diligence is an important factor in compliance with anti-money laundering regulations. We can provide practical guidance on what level and type your require.

Tailored policies and procedures for your business

Our highly qualified and experienced team will ensure your anti-money laundering policies and procedures effectively address the unique challenges your company faces.

Anti-money laundering: for firms and supervisory bodies

Money laundering is a blight on UK industry to the tune of more than £100 billion a year, with criminals and terrorists using legitimate businesses to move funds and pay for assets.

A particularly vulnerable group to such criminal activity is accountancy service providers, who are regulated under anti-money laundering (AML) legislation. These firms are supervised by organisations called professional body AML supervisors of the accountancy and legal sectors (PBSs), which also have legal obligations.

We work intelligently with these two key groups to combat money laundering.

Data protection for responsible businesses

If you gather, store and use people’s data you must comply with legislation, such as UK General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and privacy laws. 

Our CaPS Privacy team can give you the skills, knowledge and understanding to remain data compliant. We will then help you move beyond compliance to embed data ethics as values shared by everyone in your team.

Data protection is about ensuring people can rely on you to store and use their information fairly and responsibly. It is  critical to building trust between your organisation and its customers and other stakeholders.

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