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At Compliance and Privacy Solutions, we believe in demystifying the language and jargon of the General Data Protection Regulation and other privacy laws. We pride ourselves in providing pragmatic and proportionate advice and guidance which is tailored to your own specific business requirements.

We are all Data Subjects, so we rightfully expect that those we share our data with, keep it secure and respect our right to privacy. As business owners, we should understand those expectations placed upon us by our customers, clients and prospects. We should also understand the damage to our reputation, should we betray their confidence.  In our support to you, we steer clear of scaremongering in relation to fines and sanctions and focus on how compliance can support your brand and build confidence with not only your clients, but thoe organisations you want to work with too.

The responsibility for compliance rests with the data controller and company directors carry the responsibility and accountability.  We believe in collaborative working, supporting you to achieve compliance and embed the good practices that are required to sustain a culture that treats data privacy with the importance it deserves.

We are able to configure the support to your own specific requirements and we can offer training to your staff and managers whilst transferring knowledge into your organisation.  We are flexible and our support is configurable   to your requirements, ensuring you get the most cost effective support available.

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