Data protection for responsible businesses

Data protection for responsible businesses

If you gather, store and use people’s data you must comply with legislation, such as UK General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and privacy laws. 

Our CaPS Privacy team can give you the skills, knowledge and understanding to remain data compliant. We will then help you move beyond compliance to embed data ethics as values shared by everyone in your team.

Data protection is about ensuring people can rely on you to store and use their information fairly and responsibly. It is  critical to building trust between your organisation and its customers and other stakeholders.

Comply with data protection laws

With data protection, as with other areas of business, regulatory compliance is important. It demonstrates good governance and protects your organisation’s licence to operate.

Our CaPS Privacy team can help you embed systems and processes to remain compliant with regulations, with our practical, jargon-free services.

Ethical data use

Do you need laws to encourage you to manage people’s data responsibly? We thought not.

We believe organisation’s integrity is best upheld by a strong set of corporate vales, not by an external authority enforcing rules and regulations. 

The CaPS Privacy team can help your organisation shape a culture of integrity, in which people’s data is managed responsibly simply because it’s the right thing to do.

We empower you to meet the highest standards of data protection by providing pragmatic, proportionate advice and guidance tailored to your own specific business requirements.

“CaPS Privacy Ltd has been, and continues to be, an invaluable service to myself and my organisation. Derek at CaPS is very professional and so knowledgeable that he puts clients new to GDPR and Data Protection at ease. As a newly qualified Data Protection Officer, he has helped me grow in confidence as well as improve my competency. He explains everything in user friendly language and is always accessible for support when you need him. Would highly recommend.”

Sharon McPherson

Triangle Housing Association

If you have any further questions, our Data Protection FAQs may help.